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  1. Tell Me About It: Wife tries to cope with spouse's revelation


    Q: Less than two weeks ago, my husband dropped a bomb — he says he is no longer attracted to me and doesn't feel that we have much in common anymore. This was a huge surprise to me because he has not expressed any real dissatisfaction previously.

  2. Tell Me About It: Mother-in-law's 'baby clap' annoys mom


    Q: My stepmother-in-law is coming to visit soon. We have a new arrival in the house and I'm dreading a repeat of her baby-rabies that we experienced with the first two.

  3. Tell Me About It:Daughter won't give up cruel 'best' friend


    Q: My daughter, 7, has a "best" friend who can frequently be mean to her, tell her she won't play with her, ask for money to be nice to her, pretend to kick her in the face, etc. But at other times, this friend is very nice to my daughter.

  4. Tell Me About It: Parent fears favoring one of her children


    Q: I know you get a number of writers who have been treated differently from their siblings by their parents with respect to gifts, money, privileges, etc. Do any parents out there actually intend to treat their children differently?

  5. Tell Me About It: Husband's weight has become alarming


    Q: Recently my husband's parents came to visit after an absence of several years. I found that his obese father was even more unbearable than usual and even the kids were uncomfortable around him. He was unable to move around very well so he only got up to rifle through my cupboards and shovel handfuls of food …

  6. Tell Me About It: Therapists can fall victim to manipulation


    Q: You warned a writer with a controlling husband against couples therapy, suggesting that a controller can even take advantage in that setting. But isn't a good therapist supposed to be able to handle and see through that kind of behavior?

  7. Tell Me About It: Stifling visits with in-laws deserve a break


    Q: As an introvert, I really need downtime outside of socializing or I feel tired (and crazy). When we visit my retired in-laws, we spend the entire weekend in the same room with them, except to sleep. Breakfast together, then move to the living room, then to lunch, then back to the living room. I find this …

  8. Tell Me About It: Wife's torn about husband's mission trip


    is torn about husband's mission trip

    Q: My husband has been asked to go on a mission trip. He has done this in the past and really enjoyed it. I have also, before we had kids, but I have not gone away overnight, ever, since having kids.